MacBook Force Quit: What to Do When an App Freezes

Has this ever happened to you? You’re working on your MacBook, and suddenly, an application freezes, leaving you unable to do anything. It can be frustrating, but don't worry – there are ways to handle this situation. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to force quit an app on your MacBook when it freezes.

What is Force Quit?

Force Quit is a feature on macOS that allows you to forcefully close an unresponsive application. When an app freezes, it becomes unresponsive, and Force Quit helps you terminate it without affecting the rest of your system.

How to Force Quit an App on MacBook

When an app freezes on your MacBook, follow these simple steps to force quit it:

  1. Option 1: Using the Menu Bar

    • Click on the Apple menu () in the top-left corner of your screen.
    • From the drop-down menu, select "Force Quit..." or press the "Option + Command + Escape" keys on your keyboard.
    • A window will appear, showing a list of all the currently running applications.
    • Select the app that is frozen.
    • Click on the "Force Quit" button.
    • Confirm your decision by clicking "Force Quit" in the prompt that appears.
    • The application should now close.
  2. Option 2: Using the Dock

    • Right-click (or Control-click) on the app's icon in the Dock at the bottom of your screen.
    • A menu will appear.
    • Press and hold the "Option" key on your keyboard.
    • The "Quit" option will change to "Force Quit".
    • Click on "Force Quit" to close the frozen app.
    • Confirm your decision in the prompt that appears.
    • The application should now close.

What if Force Quit Doesn't Work?

In some cases, an app might be so frozen that Force Quit won't work. When this happens, you can try a few additional steps:

  1. Force Quit from Activity Monitor

    • Go to the "Applications" folder on your MacBook.
    • Open the "Utilities" folder.
    • Launch the "Activity Monitor" app.
    • In the Activity Monitor window, locate the frozen app.
    • Select the app and click on the "X" button in the top-left corner.
    • Confirm your decision to force quit the app.
    • The frozen app should close.
  2. Restart your MacBook

    • If all else fails, you can always restart your MacBook.
    • Click on the Apple menu () in the top-left corner of your screen.
    • Select "Restart" and confirm your decision.
    • Once your MacBook restarts, the frozen app should no longer be running.


App freezes can be frustrating, but with the Force Quit feature on your MacBook, you can quickly terminate unresponsive applications. Remember to try force quitting through the menu bar or the dock first. If that doesn't work, you can resort to using Activity Monitor or restarting your MacBook. By following these steps, you can regain control over your system and continue working smoothly.

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